Open Quests

Kobolds in the Hills

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s

Task: The Sootscale Kobolds dwell in a cave somewhere in the Kamelands. Normally not a problem, they’ve been riled up by something lately. Find the lair and ensure that the kobolds aren’t going to continue to be a threat.

Reward: The Swordlords of Restov will send a reward once the kobold activity is under control.

Wanted: Tuskgutter

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s

Task: Every Greenbelt hunter has a story about Tuskgutter, each wilder than the last. Whoever manages to kill the ill-tempered beast will get a nice reward from old, retired Vekkel Benzen, who lost his leg to the monster pig a year ago. Deliver Tuskgutter’s head to Oleg.

Reward: Vekkel has promised his fine longbow and a half dozen animal-slaying arrows to whoever can kill Tuskgutter. He also says he will share the head cheese he will make from the trophy.

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg

Source: Kesten Garess at Oleg’s Trading Post

Task: A mercenary that Kesten worked with months ago was a Varisian man named Falgrim Sneeg. Falgrim robbed the group and fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit and Kesten hopes to catch him alive and return him to Restov for punishment. Capture Sneeg alive if possible.

Reward: 4 fine weapons of the captor’s choice if Sneeg is delivered alive, but only 2 fine weapons if he is delivered dead.


Source: Crazy Old Bokken

Task: Bokken is fond of using Fangberry juice in his magical potions. He knows of a large fangberry thicket about 55 miles southwest of Oleg’s Trading post. Gather 2 bushels of fangberries – enough for 7 potions.

Reward: 25% off potions at Bokken’s shop for 1 month.

Open Quests

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