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Oleg Leveton: This gruff and terse man is the proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post on the southern border of Brevoy, just east of the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands.


Svetlana Leveton: Wife of Oleg. She prepares fresh food and maintains the rooms at the trading post.

Svetlana leveton

Jhod Kavken: Hunter and cleric of Erastil that arrived while party made their first foray into the Stolen Lands. He seeks a lost temple of Erastil that he claims to have seen in a dream.

Jhod kavken

Kesten Garess: a member of a noble house from Restov, Kesten currently leads a group of 3 armed men that are encamped at Oleg’s Trading Post.


Bokken: a hermit of strange habits and questionable sanity that lives in a hut east of Oleg’s Trading Post. He deals in magical elixirs and struck a deal with the party to sell discounted potions to them in exchange for a generous supply of Fangberries.


Jubilost Narthropple: Gnome male and leader of an expedition of 9 other Gnomes that are busy mapping the Greenbelt. His skill in cartography is top-notch and he does not lack in confidence or flair.


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