Seriessel Althanimar

An elven illusionist and former servant in House Surtova


lawful evil male elf (forlorn) illusionist 5 – [19,139/23,000 xp]
init +2; senses low-light vision, perception +11



ac 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (dex +2)
hp 21
fort +0, ref +3, will +4
defensive abilities none


speed 30 ft.
melee masterwork dagger “Shadar” +3 (1d4, 19-20/x2)
ranged longbow +4 (1d8, x3)
special attacks/abilities/items

memorized spells

  • cantrips – detect magic, ghost sound, message, read magic
  • 1st level spells – open, open, open, open, open
  • 2nd level spells – open, open, open, open


str 10, dex 14, con 8, int 19, wis 10, cha 16
base atk +2; cmb +2, cmd 14
feats scribe scroll, breadth of experience, spell focus (illusion), additional traits (adopted(world traveler),seeker), arcane builder (rings)
core skills bluff +11, diplomacy +12, disguise +12, knowledge (any untrained) +6, knowledge (arcane & religion) +13, profession (any untrained) +2, spellcraft +12; +2 to identify magic items, stealth +8
languages common (Taldane), draconic, elven, Hallit, Kelish, Skald, Varisian
sq arcane bond (dagger), illusionist (mage of the veil, restricted schools: necromancy and evocation), extended illusions, elven magic, keen senses, dreamer (replaced elven immunities)
traits keeper of the veil (regional, Qadira), noble born (campaign, Surtova)

gear spellbook, spell component pouch, backpack, masterwork dagger (“Shadar”, arcane bonded object), quiver & arrows (29), cold iron arrows (10), longbow, torches (4), silver stag head necklace (2), rations (20), tent, map & journal, ink & pen, parchment, map case, spellcrafting materials, mapping materials, Tartuk’s journal, jade elven monk statue,1432.89gp (coins and mixed gems)


Extended Illusions

Any illusion spell you cast with a duration of “concentration” lasts a number of additional rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level after you stop maintaining concentration (minimum +1 round). At 20th level, you can make one illusion spell with a duration of “concentration” become permanent. You can have no more than one illusion made permanent in this way at one time. If you designate another illusion as permanent, the previous permanent illusion ends.

Face in the Crowd (Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer)

At 1st level as a standard action, you can cause yourself to appear so normal, mundane, and unexceptional that you blend in to your surroundings. All creatures within 30 feet treat you as if you belonged there, effectively ignoring you. Creatures outside of this area may notice that you appear out of place, but as soon as they approach within 30 feet they are affected by the magic and no longer think something is amiss. If you interact with an affected creature in any way, it gains a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your wizard level + your Intelligence modifier) to disbelieve the illusion and notice you. The effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to your wizard level, or until the illusion is dispelled. The minutes do not need to be consecutive, but must be used in 1-minute increments. This is a mind-affecting phantasm effect. This ability does not turn you invisible and opponents are not considered flat-footed. It does not allow you to disguise yourself as a specific individual, type of person, or member of another race, so you cannot blend into a group of uniformed guards or appear as a member of an individual’s family, and a human cannot blend into a group of gnolls. You can blend in with any group made up of different types of people, such as a crowd of courtiers in a king’s throne room, and you can disguise yourself (either through magic or more mundane means) to appear as a specific type of person or another race (such as a uniformed guard or a gnoll) before using this ability.

Keeper of the Veil (trait, regional, Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East)

Even when not cloaked in magic, your training has taught you how to conceal your true nature. You gain a +1 competence bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you

Noble Born (campaign trait, Kingmaker Player’s Guide)

You claim a tangential but legitimate connection to one of Brevoy’s noble families. Your family (Surtova) is well known for their political agility and scheming natures. You deal +2 damage when attacking a flat-footed opponent while wielding a light or one-handed weapon. Your family motto is “Ours is the Right.”


Essel is average in height for an elf at just over 6 ft. tall and weighs only 140 lbs. His skin is slightly ashen, as though he has recently overcome an illness, but he is otherwise handsome enough for it to matter little. He wears dark trousers and black rolled boots in the Brevoy style, but his shirt is thin and open as they wear them in Qadira.

Always in his possession is a finely-crafted dagger with a dangerously curved blade. The grip is wrapped in black leather and silver cording and the pommel is capped with a blood-red gem.

At the start of the campaign, he is halfway through his 120th year.

Seriessel’s parents came to Brevoy before he was born, stopping on their way to Kyonin. The simple kindness of the locals and the allure of the wild frontier kept his parents from continuing their journey, so they settled in and found work as jewelry makers. They did good work, and their growing business allowed them to purchase jewelry from others, reworking and reselling the items for increased profit. Secure in their success, they decided it was time to start a family.

Nearly a year later, they had a boy. Seriessel’s mother named him after her own father, although they called him Essel around the house. It was about this time that Seriessel’s father realized that a significant amount of the jewelry, gems, and fine metals that they had been buying from locals was stolen. When he tried to refuse purchasing more from a regular customer, he was told that the thieves’ guild in Port Ice would continue using the couple’s store to turn over stolen property… or his wife and child would suffer. Not ready to put his family in danger, Seriessel’s father continued to quietly fork as an unwilling fence.

As the elven boy grew, he fell in with the very crowd that haunted his father. His friends, most of them members of the guild or the sons of members, helped Seriessel to use his intelligence and natural talent for deception to steal from those he thought “too weak” to protect their wealth. In time, he learned of the shadowy connections between the Thieves’ Guild and House Surtova; to reward his work as a child thief, he was given a position in the House as a kitchen servant.

Seriessel’s parents were dismayed to see their son spending his time learning from career criminals, so they took their savings and sent him as far as they could afford: the Magic Colleges of Qadira. There, under the watchful eyes of wizardly teachers, their son would surely learn both powerful and noble skills and cease preying on others. In truth, what Seriessel found was the Way of the Veil… a way to use arcane magic to create even more persuasive deceptions. Meanwhile, their child safe from harm, Seriessel’s parents fled Brevoy and finally completed their journey to Kyonin.

Now, nearly 100 years later, Seriessel has returned as a young man. In his mind, he has grown beyond the petty motivations of the Guild and House Surtova. Now, there is nothing to do but use what he learned here and in distant Qadira to prove it.

Seriessel Althanimar

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