Mirro Goosemaster


NG male Halfling Cleric of Shelyn
init +2; senses low-light vision, perception +5



ac 17, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (dex +2)
hp 13
fort +3, ref +2, will +6
defensive abilities none


speed 30 ft.
melee= Masterwork Glaive
ranged= Light Crossbow
special attacks/abilities/items

Channel Energy : 30ft burst / 1d6 / 3 + Chr mod per day

Charm Domain
Dazing touch: Melee touch to daze for 1 round if less HD 3 + Wis Mod per day
Good Domain
Touch of Good:sacred bonus on attack, skill ,ability ,save checks+1 / standard action/ 3+ wis mod per day

•cantrips Light, Sparks, Read magic, Create water

•1st level spells
Sanctuary, Summon Monster 1 (eagle or other bird) Bless


str 12, dex 16, con 10, int 11, wis 12, cha 16
base atk +0; cmb +1, cmd 14

Selective Channel

Core skills
with ranks:
knowledge religion +4; Diplomacy +6; spellcraft +4; Heal +7; stealth +8; Profession (Shepherd) +7

common, Halfling

Helpful: aid another, 4 bonus instead of the normal +2.
Inner Beauty:
4 trait bonus to a single Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy,or Perform skill check once per day. May be after roll
Traveler’s outfit; Gold holy symbol; healerskit; waterskin; holy water; oil; hooded lantern; backpack;

Pony: Empress Velanna
Guard dog: Bitty

Mirro was from a small Hamlet near Petrix, in the River Kingdoms, called Greenvale. The River Kingdoms is known for its chaotic life style and lack of a deciding ruler but it is also known for its freedom. Greenvale was a place of freedom. The people lived simple lives farming and hearding. Mirro was a Shepherd of geese and producer of eggs for his community. Mirro was an orphan, family murdered by bandits. Priest Berton Hadrow and his wife Jayleen looked after Mirro in his youth and raised him with the teachings of Shelyn. Mirro was not human like his new parents but they preached the importance of inner beauty and how it is more telling than outer appearance. Mirro was raised to be a cleric in order to help the people of Greenvale but it was in as a shepherd he was happiest. This did not stop him form healing the aliments of others. When Greenvale was attacked by bandits, there where few who where trained to defend themselves. The Bandits had come prepared, they searched for a new place to use as there base camp and founding of a city ruled by there bandit “king.” Farmers had turned warriors in a matter of seconds as they fought for there home. Mirro, Berton and Jayleen stood behind whipping out spells and bursts of energy to heal their neighbors. Mirro fired a few bolts from his crossbow laying bandits. Berton was the first of the three to fall. when he did Mirro took up his fathers Glaive and impaled the killer. The bandits were too many and Mirros powers had run dry. There was a moment when Mirro froze in terror watching as all the people he knew died around him, but it was then that Jayleen grabed his arm. “Run” she said and pushed Mirro of the edge of a steep hill the bandits had backed them up to. As he tried to protest she pushed him off. Mirro fell almost straight down. His last image before falling into a tumble was an arrow piercing Jayleen. Mirro had knocked his head hard on a rock on the way down and when he came to Jayleens body was on top of him. She was dead but still she had protected him. her body had hid the Halfling from view. The sounds of Dunken cheers could be herd from up above. The Bandits had won the fight and Greenvale was no more. Mirro thought of killing the bandits in there drunken sleep, he had even climbed the hill with Berton’s glaive in hand. As Mirro’s crept forward he found his adopted father first. Mirro decided that he could not leave his father to whatever fate the bandits had instore for his body. Mirro dragged Berton’s body to the bottom of the hill then one by one took his parents to a safe place where he could bury them and say a few words. He camped near there graves for a few days in morning but after a time he realized that he still had much life in him. He needed to live on for his parents and find a new reason to live and find a new home that would be free and peaceful like Greenvale

Mirro Goosemaster

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