Matthew - Post Session #1 Notes

Things I jotted down while we played

each bandit:

leather armor (4)
longbow (4) (80) – all taken
shortsword (4) – one taken
trail rations (8) – six taken
gold (40) – undistributed
horses (4) – taken


vial of alchemist fire
leather armor
stout composite longbow + 20 arrows – taken
trail rations (2) – taken
gold (35) – undistributed
silver amulet of stag head – taken

gold (50) – undistributed
1 x shield of faith – taken
2 x cure light – taken

Info from questioning:

SSW to the Thorn River from Oleg’s
3 miles into the woods
(river does run SSE)

Expect a dozen bandits at the camp
Kressle leads, she follows the stag lord (a monster drunk, a dead eye with a bow, strong, wears deer helm)
lake far south is tuskwater, stag lord is on the north side. Follow the thorn river, meets shrike, runs into stag lord.


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