Open Quests

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg

Source: Kesten Garess at Oleg’s Trading Post

Task: A mercenary that Kesten worked with months ago was a Varisian man named Falgrim Sneeg. Falgrim robbed the group and fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit and Kesten hopes to catch him alive and return him to Restov for punishment. Capture Sneeg alive if possible.

Reward: 4 fine weapons of the captor’s choice if Sneeg is delivered alive, but only 2 fine weapons if he is delivered dead.

Davick’s Revenge

Source: Davick Nettles at Nettles’ Crossing

Task: Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river so that Nettles can look upon his death.

Reward: ?

The Stag Lord

Source: Official Charter from Restov

Task: see charter on main Obsidian Portal page. Will likely need proof.

Reward: ?

Open Quests

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