Matthew - Post Session #3 Notes

Things I jotted down while we played

The session started on Pharast 12

Traded with Norick & Crazy Old Bokken

We had 1176 in credit (including 400gp from swordlords). Before splitting the wealth, we paid for the following team items: mapping supplies (for 6 hexes) at 18gp, 60 trail rations at 30gp, 60 arrows at 3gp.

All party members now have 187.5 in credit with Oleg (any amount can be taken in gold) & 10 trail rations.

Ordered from Oleg: grey cloak (Ajari), materials to scribe 5 scrolls (Essel), 2 healer’s kits (Ginnelthob).

We have arrived at the Elk Temple.


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