Matthew - Post Session #2 Notes

Things I jotted down while we played

Sold to Oleg for credit:

3 crates of furs
3 medium tents
4 daggers
7 longbows
8 leather armors
8 short swords
masterwork dagger
polished wooden case (vials of alcohol)
silver ring
silver earrings
studded leather

Credit: 1036 (less 260 for 2 x manacles with good locks) = 776

Distributed to the team:

approx. 200gp
5 medium tents
2 masterwork handaxes
160 arrows
music box
wand of burning hands
potion of cure light wounds
silver stag necklace
leather cloak (unclaimed)


local kobolds lead by sootscale


shawnstewart00 mhanlon

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